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Ralph Burgess, Hayden, Missouri

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Famous and not so Famous

Ralph and Little Rufus
Ralph Burgess and Rufus Hyde Park, London England
A little bag of trouble

Rebbe Scheerson feeling gut
rabie schneerson giving hand salut
Kinda cold though

Just relaxin and waitin for my tea
Mishka just relaxin

Ralph and Rufus
Ralph and Rufus Burgess Muswell Ave, London Eng.
London England

Ralph and Faith Burgess 1961
Ralph and Faith Burgess Dixon Missouri 1961
Gunda Burgess has her back turned to camera

Ralph and Faith Burgess Dec. 1994
30 years had gone by since I last say my sister

Here are some pictures from a  vacation I

Ralph, Faith, Billy Burgess St Louis Missouri USA
Reunited after 30 years in St Louis Missouri

Sheila Martin and Ralph Burgess
Ralph Burgess and Sheila Martin Jeff City Mo, 1993
reunited with my old girl friend in Jeff City Missouri

Ralph Burgess in Sunrise Beach Missouri
back in the show me state in 1988

My father in Stuttgart, Germany, circa 1950
he was originally from Thueringen, Germany

Ralph on Tom Coreys Horse
Ralph Burgess sitting on Betsy Tom Corey's Horse
Hayden Missouri, Roch Eddy Bluff

Yorky Rufus resting his basket
Yorky Rufus sitting in his bicycle basket
Cant wait to get on the ground and run


Yorky Rufus Escaping the Ice
Yorky Rufus on an icy bench in Highgate Woods
In Highgate Woods, North London

Ralph Burgess and Lucille Martin
Lucille Martin and Ralph Burgess 1993 Hayden Mo
Hayden Missouri winter 1993

Dick and Syliva Sanders and Tom Corey
Tom Corey of Dixon Missouri a good buggy driver
Tom Corey likes his cowboy hat he's a good buggy driver

A day out with Tom Corey and my foster parents, who came up to visit the area with me

Tom and Viola Corey 1993
Tom Corey his horse Betsy and mother Viola 1993
Tom Corey runs a nice Bed and Breakfast now

Tom Corey and his mother Viola Corey with Indian Bluff Cabins in the background. I used to visit the Viola Corey and family with my sister when we lived with Helen Burgess in the late fifties early sixties. This was probably the happiest we ever were during our time down near Rock Eddy Bluff and Maries County. The Corey family were a happy bunch and Vi was a good MUM and raised her sons accordingly!

Tom Corey with cowboy hat takes a rest
Dick and Sylvia Sanders and Tom Corey Buggy Driver
Dick and Sylvia Sanders are joined by Viola Corey