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Ralph Burgess, Hayden, Missouri

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My first kitten Mishka
Mishka Cat under a year old
and she's a beaut!

Ralph and Rufus Burgess
Ralph Burgess and Yorky Rufus chillin
Highgate Woods, North London

Ralph Burgess (Left)
Ralph Burgess holding Yorky Rufus on his lap
Yorky Rufus (Right)

Mishka all grown up now
Mishka Cat fully grown now
Just sittin and relaxin on my chair, nice view too

Yorky Rufus steals a lick
Little Yorky Rufus licks out of a cone of icecream
I just live ice cream right out of the cone!

A handsome Beast
Yorky Rufus the best looking Yorky in the World!
Sitting on a Stump in Kenwood North London

Yorky Rufus guarding his master

Ebertal, a beatufil hut
Ralph riding Betsy, Tom Corey's horse
Rufus and I walked past here

Yorky Rufus parked in Parkland Walk North London
Yorky Rufus in his basket Parkland Walk London
Wonderful views from here in my basket

Huette Ebertal
Hand built Log Cabin in Ebertal, Westheim Germany
This is Hans Schmids House he built it himself!

Hans Schmid likes little Rufus
Hans Schmid of Westheim, Germany
Hans likes his suspenders too!

Versailles Missouri Courthouse
Versailles Missouri Courthouse
I lost my virginity in this town