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Ralph Burgess, Hayden, Missouri

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Trying to stretch my paw
Mishka cat paws out
Get your feet outta the way

Ralph Burgess and Yorky Rufus in his bicyclebasket
Ralph Burgess pushing Yorky Rufus on his bike
Muswell Hill, North London

Ralph Burgess in Parkland Walk
Ralph Burgess and Yorky Rufus North London
Yorky Rufus sits in lap relaxin

Yorky Rufus enjoying a nice view over London
Yorky Rufus in Parkland walk getting a nice view
Tell that dog to stop bugging me

Muswell Hill Youths enjoy a view
Visit Parkland Walk the Old RailRoad Line

Nigel a regular in Parkland Walk North London
Nigel a regular dog walker in Parkland Walk
Parkland Walk in Muswell Hill North London