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Ralph Burgess, Hayden, Missouri

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My brother Billy told me in 1994 that Frank Cannon Burgess, our adopted father from whom we were taken away because of child abuse, had been arrested for drug smuggling.

I couldn't believe it! Frank had after all been a Military Policeman and stationed overseas and had made it to Staff Sergeant. In all fairness although I was only with Frank as a child for three years, he did take me squirrel hunting and he did try to stop Helen from beating me half to death as described in the court records. I really sort of liked him and in a way felt sorry for the position he was in at that time, as he seemed to always be away anyway. His marriage to Helen didn't seem made in heaven to say the least!

But sure enough when I wrote the Jefferson City Tribune and the Missouri State Historical Society they sent me newspaper articles confirming Frank had indeed been arrested for smuggling class 1 drugs into Prison.

Life sure is weird, aint it?

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