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Ralph Burgess, Hayden, Missouri

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Schwaebisch Hall, Germany in the State of Baden Wuerttenbuerg


The Kocher River, runs through Schwaebisch Hall
Auf, diesen stein koennen Sie Bauen
Beautiful Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

I was born Ralph Blau-Boegner, in a beautiful little village, in, Baden-Wuertemburg, Germany, and adopted in1959 when, I was 7 1/2yrs old by an American Military couple Frank & Helen Burgess from Dixon, Missouri, USA.

 The couple also adopted my older and younger   sisters  Gunda, and Dorothy .and younger brrthers Lonnie, and Billy.

Dixon, is a small town in the hearland of the Ozarks in the U.S. State of Missouri, and close to an Army Training Base, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Shortly after we arrived in Dixon in the Spring of 1959, we moved out in the country halfway between Dixon, and the County Seat of Maries County, Vienna, Missouri.


Helen,Gunda, Ralph, Dorothy, Lonnie, Billly &Frank
Burgesss famil Dixon,Missouri
Easter Baptism in Dixon, Missouri

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